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Julie Luzarraga, LICSW, DCSW

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In addition to being the founder of The Center for Counseling & Psychotherapy, Julie is the founder and Executive Director of Omaha Integrative Care for Fertility. She splits her time at both loctions working with teens to adults, and specializes in many areas, including infertility, mind body medicine, depression, anxiety, trauma, mood disorders, loss, and relationship issues.  

Julie also evaluates egg donors, sperm donors and gestational carriers/surrogates.

Julie received her Masters in Clinical Social Work from Boston College as well as her Diplomate in Clinical Social Work, which is the highest distinction bestowed on clinical social workers. She trained and worked at Child Guidance Centers in Boston, Massachusetts, and Connecticut, as well as trained in the Yale Child Study Center’s Child Development Community Policing Program.

Building on her extensive training in trauma, she has also received specialized training in mind body medicine from the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine and infertility as a Member of American Society for Reproductive Medicine. She is also the NASW Representative for the Association of Private Practice Therapists and an Eastern Region Representative for the Nebraska Chapter of the National Association of Social Workers.  Julie also served on RESOLVE's Support Group Oversight Committee and is a member of the Omaha Woman's Fund Circles Group.


Infertility-Related Services
For those struggling with fertility the road may seem long, lonely and uncertain.  Women diagnosed with infertility often experience the same amount of distress a woman diagnosed with a life-threatening illness experiences.  In addition, stress from infertility is the number one reason people discontinue medical treatment.  Infertility-related therapy may be in the form of individual sessions, couple/family sessions or group formats.
For information about the specialization in infertility counseling see ASRM's "Qualification Guidelines for Infertility Counselors."  For more information about whether counseling may be helpful view "If You are Having Trouble Conceiving."

General Practice
Julie uses a primarily psychodynamic approach to working with her clients in therapy.  This means that she focuses primarily on understanding a person's internal structure and how he or she relates to the world.  Using this approach in combination with other techniques such as CBT, mind body therapy or yoga therapy, client and therapist work towards achieving goals and reducing distress.

Mind Body Medicine
Mind body medicine is simply using what we intuitively know to be true about how mood and phsyical health interact.  Using tools to elicit what Dr. Herbert Benson coined "the relaxation response," client and therapist can work together to target not only emotional issues but physiological issues as well.  Mind body medicine treatments have been shown to be beneficial in a number of stress-related health issues as well as depression and anxiety. 

Speaking Engagements
In support of her continual commitment to educate the community at large, Julie speaks about the emotional challenges of infertility, women's issues, mind body medicine, and stress reduction at workshops and conferences throughout the country. To book her for a workshop or speaking engagement, email her directly at


Depression and Anxiety Video Presentation
Mind-Body Medicine and Stress Reduction

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Please visit the Olson Center  Video Library to view Julie's presentation "What is Self-Esteem and How Do I Get Some?"